Available October 2013

Solarwind is the end result of many years of research: ecology and technology, combined in an elegant black frame. The frame is covered by a shiny surface of polycrystalline cells, which are capable of transforming pure light into pure speed. A technological wonder… yet a strikingly simple feeling for the cyclist: with the wind behind him.

With “less is more” as the base concept, its minimal weight results in maximum feeling of freedom and velocity.


The aerodynamic frame is made out of pure black lacquered aluminum. A synthetic loading bottom, carrying weights up to 20kg, follows the wheel’s curve and protects the luggage against dirt, avoiding a pile-up of snow or mud. All of this is covered by a thin aluminum shell of plasticized solar cells, which you can take off and tilt towards the sun. As it’s transported by a separate little cart behind thE-bike, almost none of thE-biker’s shadow will fall on it.

The click-adapters, which can be installed in a matter of seconds, form the connection with the E-bike. Since it only has one wheel, it becomes narrower, lighter and more maneuverable. This wheel follows the lining of the bicycle wheels perfectly, giving it a smooth steering and a minimal rolling resistance.


Apart from its speed, the Solarwind has numerous other benefits that contribute to the cyclist’s comfort. The 12V connection used while cycling, for instance, continuously charges your cell phone, GPS and light, giving you the freedom of never having to change batteries or finding electricity sockets at camping sites.

You can easily store topographic maps in a little net just underneath the solar panel. This net can also be used to dry wet clothes, or to tie extra luggage to the top of the panel.

The edges of the solar panels are strengthened and have a reflecting draining rim, preventing rain from coming in.

The electric steering, the core of the Solar technique, is protected in a shock-absorbing bag. A convertor prevents the battery from overloading, short-circuiting and unwanted power cut-offs. The convertor gears the loading capacity to every light intensity, resulting in maximum performance. The bag has ventilation holes and is placed at the outside to enable air cooling. When it’s extremely hot outside, you can also unzip the bag’s back flap for even more air cooling.

The continuously turned-on red LED light makes the cyclist visible during the day.

Assembly points are placed all over the frame so you can easily mount a camera for on-the-road recordings.



There are three different models where BF (Beaufort) is the strength indication of the tail wind.

BREEZE / 5BF                                € 1950,-

The Breeze, the smallest of the three, is perfect for city-use. The panel measures 52cm x 123cm and gives 90 Wp. This corresponds with a moderate tail wind or breeze of 5 BF or 30-40km/h. Should you wish to travel fast and longer distances, it is advised to charge the battery buffer overnight. The Breeze comes with a 16-inch wheel.

STORM / 6 BF                                € 2250,-

The Storm is the slightly larger version of the Breeze and is your perfect companion for long-distance traveling. When you charge the battery overnight, day trips of around 200km are perfectly feasible. The panel measures 65cm x 150cm and gives 140 Wp. With this panel, you will experience a strong tail wind of 40-50km/h. Two metal bidon holders, placed on the outside of the frame, allow you to protect beverages or fuel from damage caused by falling or bumping. Thanks to the bigger 20-inch wheel, which is provided with a SwalbeSupreme anti-leakage tire, you will experience less discomfort when driving over holes or dirt roads.

DESERT STORM / 7 BF                 € 3850,-

This is the exped-version of the Storm, especially designed for the Suntrip and other challenging travels through unpopulated areas where there are no electricity sockets available. There are two panels lying on top of each other, each measuring 65cm x 150cm. These can be folded open very smoothly, making it an extra loading surface, good for no less than 280 Wp. It’s basically a loading pole at hand. With its parallel-linked back, the opened solar panel continues to charge and diffuses light with all three surfaces. When one side of the panels is damaged, this back panel can perfectly serve as a backup. Two extra shock-absorbing bidon holders offer more room for beverages or fuel.

A 12V, 110 dB horn helps the cyclist hold his ground in the chaos of motorized city traffic… and helps scare away mutts on the countryside.